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Appreciate the finer things. Getting out first thing in the morning I find myself consumed by the tranquility of nature waking. Taking a little lesson from David Goggins, the man is a beast and a hustler true to my heart, I have decided to face this challenge head on... possibly even through content creation 😘 David the video of dropping yourself into water while tied up inspired me. That was a perfect representation of how I feel on a daily basis. #Goal to be able to run again. #Achievement morning round of disk golf & meditation before 7am. #Affirmation even on days I exhaust myself before completion of the task before me I know I have done all that I can by having pushed to the very limit of myself.
- 7 days ago
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Heading out to Cherries Bistro for coffee with my father, The Moose, he always get a good chuckle. Incase you wonder where I get it from 😜 #Goal get out and enjoy myself #Achievement full belly #Affirmation Mel really enjoyed her Chai Latte, Cherries is never a bad choice!
- 6 days ago
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Some days we don't need to leave the house. Being a home body does not mean that I am inactive it just means that I am only active on things within my domain. Baking croissants and making a simple meal while enjoying the company of my love lite by candles. The onslaught of aromas was more than our poor Jerry could ignore... #Goal be productive even when not feeling like leaving the house #Achievement house was cleaned and a simply enjoyable meal made #Affirmation I still have the bakers touch! All My Links: https://d00k13.com/link/
- 5 days ago
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Today I spent a lively time with nature, to be honest, those of us who live in the middle of the city have less opportunity to live in the vitality and proximity of nature. In today's video I have tried to share with you some wonderful moments of nature. Thanks all for watching. @hafizullah
- 4 hours ago
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