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This is i am alive challenge day 103 participation. So this is the last video of overcoming fear and anger. We have discussed in previous video that animal and human mind is different. We have to rise above animal level. We behave like animal. Mind takeover us instead of this we have to takeover mind. Today, humans have fallen below the level of animals, what is the reason? Reason is human not using it's power of mind which is intelligence. Understand the difference between mind and intellginece. Animal have mind only but they does not have the intelligence. As i said, we have to create a gap before we react. That gap should for 2 to 3 second. Enjoy the video
- 5 days ago
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Hey guys here is lucky ali and this is i am alive challenge day 104 participation.You are doing forex or stock market trading or else you are mutual fund investor but trust me no one will give return like crypto doing. So I can say without any hesitation that crypto is the best investement in the world. I have Share details in video so don't forget to watch it.
- 4 days ago
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This is I am alive challenge day 105 participation. So let's talk about how to get rid of your Negative Thoughts? There are lots of problem in life and It could be due to money, health or any person so temporary solution is keep your mind in present. You can divert your mind. So this will affect your day to day life. I am sure you all have this situation too. There are temporary solutions available which is entertainment. Watch video for more info.
- 3 days ago
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