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<hr> <hr> It's imperative to look at our mental readiness or fitness playing an instrumental role in helping us make rational decisions free from any form of bias. The results of the decisions and choices we make becomes part of us and this is why we must understand that we need to help our mind to be free of the psychological noises within and without for us to become the best versions of us while making decisions. In this video I talk about how night time plays a role in influencing the original decisions we have at heart. Sometimes we go to bed angry, overjoyed or sad but then immediately we free our mind off the redundancies of the day, we think better, act better and then we're filled of new ideas, premonitions and different course of action for a new day. We have to understand that when we sleep with the thoughts of making big decisions, our lone time in the night can actually influence us differently and help revaluate our stances.
- 3 days ago
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<hr> <hr> Power is an important sector in Nigeria because without it so many other sectors might not work really. Nigeria supplies power to neighboring nations in huge multi billion naira deals and yet the system of supply to her citizenry is way worse, inefficient and rather expensive. In this video I talk about how people are debt slaves to the federal government because of how they accrue expensive power rate on a monthly basis without being able to pay. The power sector has obviously been privatised but then the ministry of power still decides what happens in the power industry. I talk about how the average Nigeria power consumer is always at the recieving end of things like price hike due to maintainance. I also address the issue of the corrupt system in the power sector. With frequent and cheap rate of power supplies so many sectors will thrive. Oil and power are two things that decides the GNP of most of Nigerian citizens and how this sectors are being mismanaged and illy handled is part of the huge reasons why Nigeria is in economic shambles. In this video, I talk about it all.
- 12 hours ago
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