What is NIMIQ? | My very first impressions

Author: adetorrent



What is NIMIQ? I didn't even know how to pronounce it correctly prior to making this video. This is my very first reaction to the website. I asked Twitter to shill me a low cap, but quality, coins the other day and by far the biggest response was #NIMIQ and $NIM.

I will be doing a proper deep dive into this coin. This video represents my first impressions after looking at the website. I'm going to go away and read the whitepaper, purchase some tokens and join the communities where they are.

I may even be able to bring someone unto the channel to talk about NIM if possible.

I am quite bullish based on what I saw already from the website. I've been around this stuff long enough though to know that you can't judge a coin by its website :)

> *One thing I always notice is the fact that none of these projects ever considers Hive when forming their communities on social media. It's counterintuitive to me to have a supposedly 'decentralised' product but rely solely on centralised social media platforms like Twitter.*

Peace & Love,