DTube Curation Ideas

Author: adetorrent

Description: Greetings,

First of all, I've finally logged into Hive on DTube to take advantage of the yummy double-dipping potentials. I assume the teething issues have been resolved so I won't annoy my followers, fingers crossed.

It means I'm going to be more consistently uploading to Dtube as I have been in the past couple of days, and letting it flow to Hive, amalgamating both my blogging and video making into one world :)

In this video I talk about curation on Dtube and the options I'm considering. Tipping on Dtube makes a whole lot more sense than on Hive, and I'm going to be doing more of it. I've already started doing it with my favourite videos. I also talk about another thing I've been thinking about.

I think we all now understand that this is kind of a self-curation / self-promotion platform mainly. The game theory supports buying and **holding*** DTC, which is a major way to moon a token. As such I think we are in the early (cheap) days of DTC/DTube Coin, and the potential is there.

Peace & Love,