Crypto Wallets | Consolidating Shitcoins Into One

Author: adetorrent

Description: It would seem as though the bull market is upon us. Following the Bitcoin halving event, the cryptos, including shitcoins, are looking up.

I found some Tezos in my Coinbase app, just sitting there, worth about £10 which I earned as part of the Learn and Earn program. I also have tiny amounts of all sorts of shitcoins everywhere.

From experience, any one of those shitcoins might suddenly experience dramatic gains for whatever reason. Because these tokens are sitting in random wallets, I'd probably not notice it happen.

What I've done is move all my tiny shitcoins into one wallet with a beautiful interface, so i can see them all at one glance, and get a summary of their total value. If the sum suddenly jumps up, I'd know at least one of them has mooned, and would be able to cash out in time. I could grab myself some coffee at the shop with the money, or something like that :)

How do you handle your shitcoins?

Peace & Love,