Author: adetorrent

Description: Greetings,

A big of fun. It's HEX "big pay day" today. The questions are; will there by tears of agony or tears of joy? It's a very polarising crypto project - the most controversial since Bitconnneeeeeeect!!!!

Honestly I want HEX to succeed. It's going to be a massive positive effect on everyone. If it fails, it will put a bad taste in the mouth of the masses and create negative press for the cryptosphere generally.

Massive shoutout to our one and only @elsiekjay - probably the number 1 Hexican out there :)

Massive shoutout to "BTC Upload" @btcupload for the banging tune! The official "HEX Token Big Pay Day Official Rap Music Video" is pure fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥