The masses are coming!

Author: adetorrent



What a weekend! First we saw some coins pump pretty hard; $doge, $etc, e.t.c., then we saw $btc take a bit of a nosedive, dragging the alt market down with it. There were, however, one or two that either recovered quickly or defied the slump altogether, which was good to see.

For me, what was more significant than what was happening in the market, was what happened in *real life*. I received no less than 50 messages (questions) about crypto. It was a combination of calls, emails, DMs and face to face. Now, while I usually get many messages and questions about crypto as a content creator, these questions where coming now from friends, neighbours and in random conversation.

I’ve also noticed a change in attitude/perception towards crypto. Previously it was the usual *“isn’t that a scam?”* or *“isn’t that what terrorists and dodgy people use on the dark web?”*. Now it’s more like *“hey, which wallet is the best for Ethereum?”* or *“what do you think about XRP? It looks like they’re going to win the lawsuit”*.

Yup, the masses now know about things like the Ripple lawsuit! They’re doing their research and are learning fast. The masses are coming!

Peace & Love