I'm Getting Ready For HiveFest 2020

Author: adetorrent

Description: Greetings,

It's just over a month to HiveFest 2020 and I've started getting ready for it.

*"What about COVID-19 Ade?"*

Well, it will be taking place in a world beyond the reach of the coronavirus. In a virtual world called AltspaceVR.

In preparation for it I've created my account *"adetorrent"* and my avatar. I spent a couple of hours in the VR world getting to know the neighbourhood. Already I met some interesting characters in there, including someone who built a pretty interesting world of his own within AltspaceVR.

I don't have one of those virtual reality headsets unfortunately, but I'm now thinking of getting one. I only downloaded the 2D application for my Mac, and it just about works ok. I can hear the computer's fans start to go quite a bit once I've been running the app for a while.

I think it's going to be interesting. I also think a lot of people that will experience a virtual social meeting like this for the first time will end up staying around and using it more often.

Are you coming to HiveFest?

Peace & Love,