Bitcoin price crash | Evidence of manipulation emerges

Author: adetorrent



Just the other day I made a video about how the Elon Musk debacle with Bitcoin seemed a bit suspect to me. Since then we’ve had a proper price crash apparently triggered by an announcement out of China.

Some evidence has since emerged that a coordinated selloff by some anonymous persons was executed to coincide with the China announcement in order to bring about the crash. The general intention, according to the thread on 4Chan, was to case the price to fall to a point where a certain party would be liquidated.

It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that the forum posts are one elaborate hoax, but it does seem legit, looking at the time stamps. I also have no way of verifying whether or not they actually did what they appeared to be planning to do, but looking at the price chart of bitcoin, it did seem a bit too close to be a complete co-incidence.

Manipulation appears to be the order of the day. Long term HODLing appears to be the winning strategy in this climate.

[Here is the 4Chan thread if it’s still there.](

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