YouTube New Monetization Policy 2020 / 2021

Author: adetorrent

Description: Greetings,

The world of YouTube is ablaze again as they drop their new *Terms and Conditions*. Basically they will now be playing ads on videos uploaded by people that are not yet "monetised" on their platform.

The current requirements for monetisation are 1k subs and 4k hours of public views.
As it happens I just achieved the 4k hours of views this morning. 4001 hours !! Woop woop! However I don't have up to 1k subs, so no money for me :(

BUT, of course, there's money for me - here on DTube - hurray!

*By the way, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can start getting some of that sweet centralised money too* :)

Peace & Love,