New And Improved Corona Killer

Author: adetorrent

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Doom and gloom from all angles eh?
I hope none of you have been #rekt by this crazy crash in the markets.

Meanwhile I've noticed people are now really taking the threat of the novel coronavirus seriously. Virtually everyone I see now is constantly rubbing their hands together - supposedly after spraying on some kind of hand sanitiser.

I've also noticed a reduction in the number of people wearing face masks. This is probably because the right information is starting to seep through to people, compared to the earlier stages of the virus. Either that, or they've sold out of masks everywhere. There are signs at the entrance of my local superstore stating "We have no gas masks, we have no hand sanitisers".

Talking of which, I have improved the formula, and container of my Corona Killer (🎵den den den!🎵).

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