Let's Party Like It's 2018

Author: adetorrent

Description: Greetings,

First of all, wow! What a wild 48 hours. I finally went to sleep at around 2am only to wake up at 7am and see that there'd been a crazy pump in the charts. There'd also been a much expected flash sell-off probably by bots and people panicking about where the top is.

Personally I think BTC will surpass the ATH and at least double it this time round.

DTUBE/DTC is kicking some serious butt too. Percentage-wise, it's one of the best performers in the entire cryptosphere!

It got me feeling like it's early 2018 again. Epic shoutout to all the oldskool DTubers that have been here that long and remember the good old days with the wonky frontend haha. Happy days.

Peace & Love,