What If Satoshi Nakamoto Exits Bitcoin?

Author: adetorrent


## *Satoshi Nakadumpo?*

An ancient and previously inactive bitcoin wallet moved 50 coins to an anonymous wallet, most probably triggering a panic sell in the crypto markets. 50 bitcoins are not that many to make such a move in the market, but the perception that Satoshi Nakamoto may be selling his bitcoins would have such an effect.

It got me thinking, what if indeed, Satoshi decides to sell off all his coins and exit Bitcoin? What would happen? Will the price go to zero due to loss of faith, or will it carry on without him? A true decentralised project should have no celebrities or leaders right?

We've seen this happen with some projects, one of which is close to home - Steem. Larimer and Scott exited the project, and it's still here (sort of). A true sign of true and total decentralisation of Bitcoin would be if Satoshi himself had no influence on it. Right?

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