Junk Messages, Junk Mail And Spam | Working On My Website

Author: adetorrent

Description: Do you guys remember when we had to download email into a local client on our computers? If so, you must remember junk mail, spam and email viruses. I have been using Gmail predominantly for years now and I completely forgot about junk mail.

If Google has achieved anything, it's the defeat of the email spammers. Big Data finally won the spam arms race.

I logged into the backend of my website today to discover some epic spam in the comments. One post had over 18 thousand comments! There was no way I could delete them, so I had to delete the post.

I have been working all day today to clean up my old website. I used to test Steem features on it before if you remember. Most of the post there are now irrelevant so they had to go.

I want it to be the new centre of my content going forward. It seems the old family is breaking up slowly, with DTube soon launching on it's own chain, TravelFeed not coming to Hive and APPICS staying put, I want to keep up with all these projects.

I also am trying to create an onboarding funnel into Hive to rope my friends and others here. It seems posting on Hive alone is preaching to the choir.

Finally, Hive now has a fiat trading pair, which means an e-commerce implementation can't be far. I want to sell stuff for Hive so I figured I might as well get started with the planning now.

Exciting times ahead folks.

Peace & Love,


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