Welcome to Adventures in ThaiMerica - New Channel Intro Video

Author: adventuresinthaimerica2020

Description: Welcome, everyone! This is the intro video for our new channel Adventures in ThaiMerica. With our first video, we wanted to show everyone some examples of what kind of content you'll get here. In our Adventures in Thaimerica, you'll learn about beautiful places in Thailand, the delicious food, the culture, the cost of living, traveling in Thailand and some other countries AND get a glimpse of what a relationship is like between a Thai and an American. We hope you enjoy our first video, that you'll subscribe and hit the bell so you get to come on each of our Adventures in ThaiMerica.

Mam edited this video with Filmora 9.

These video clips are from adventures we've had together over the last 20 months.

Music in this video is "Summer Nights" by LiQWYD Check out this artist!