A new multi-chain mobile wallet, codename "Carbon".

Author: agorise

Description: The core code for this new mobile wallet is mostly done. The Yubikey Neo NFC/2FA and animations are being coded now.

The alpha apk should be published in 2nd quarter 2018, available for download on telegram (http://t.me/Agorise) and in the Agorise keybase app store (https://keybase.io/team/agorise).

TONS of features packed into "Carbon" such as full support for:

* all PalmPay Point Of Sale merchants (PalmPay.io)
* fully-confirmed transactions in 3 seconds or less
* 44 (human corrected) languages
* NFC and v10 QR codes (for eReceipt data, note from your Waitress, etc)
* near-zero fees
* Overdraft Protection (example: it can cash out some of another one of your coins to cover your grocery balance)
* Loyalty Points
* invoicing/payment request features
* unlimited accounts
* built-in Bridge for coin-to-coin shifting
* built-in LocalBitcoins style Trading engine
* Atomic-Swap abilities
* Support for Blinded and Stealth Transactions (v2)
* search/filter Transaction history
* Transaction Memos
* Export Transactions to PDF or CSV for accounting
* WIF Key support
* Yubikey Neo "Pocket" support for added 2FA/U2F security
* FIDO Certified (in progress)
* dApp performance (uses C-IPFS (https://github.com/Agorise/c-ipfs) for app architecture, and "offline" data usage. also, no more App Store "approval" is needed. v2)
* customizable Contacts and Contact Groups
* Bill-Pay tool for scheduling recurring payments to one or more Contacts or Contact Groups
* automated/encrypted backups to C-IPFS (v2)
* PIN/Pattern/Pocket Security options (see the video)
* eReceipts (actual store receipts saved in pdf form, with the store logo, items purchased, tax info, personalized message from PalmPay merchants, etc)
* 100% Open Source Software (https://github.com/Agorise) for security auditing and forking
* White-label-able for your own color scheme, logo, background, etc.
* ...and native support for SIX different blockchains so far (Bitshares, Steem, Dash (including InstantSend), Bitcoin, Dogecoin (we might replace this chain with EOS though), and Litecoin).