SFR Token Tutorial Via SnagIt

Author: anthonyadavisii

Description: Went ahead and captured the process again this time using SnagIt to show the Steem Keychain Operations. Don't mind that it looks like I'm recording from a potato. The screen recording is what you should be paying attention to if you are interested in making use of our new Steem-Engine token. Hope it helps you on your way.

For the random Youtube audience that may not know about SteemFlagRewards, we are a social media moderation project that uses a crypto incentive system to fight token manipulation. Feel free to check us out on Discord. Hell, we'd even be happy to provision you a blockchain account if you are interested in giving it a shot. Peace Out!

BTW much overdue SteemFlagRewards Project Update Utopian AntiAbuse Submission will be hitting tomorrow! I go into much more detail about how our distributions work.