FLAG TV Premiere - Steem Flag Rewards Show Live

Author: anthonyadavisii

Description: This is the first episode of FlagTV, something I have envisioned for a while to document development of SteemFlagRewards in real-time and also throw in a bit of humor around the Steem Anti-Abuse.

What is SteemFlagRewards?

We are a community of like minded individuals. We are an open source blockchain project. We are a mashup of various technologies.

This is currently hobby but look forward to the day that it could be more. We've gamified the act of moderation on a social media platform in which contributions are monetized. Where there is money. There is manipulation. If a system can be exploited, it will be. We operate in decentralized manner as a team to help mitigate these abuses.

Glad to be part of SFR team. Thanks for my peeps that help make this activity worth it from a monetary perspective. Enough with the description. On with the SHOW!

On today's agenda:

Development prep for HF 21
"How to Flag Spam" skit
Daily Drama