A MilkPost a Day Keeps Osteoporosis Away!

Author: anthonyadavisii

Description: Continuing the MilkPost Trend. Had to take a day for some coding and my bones feel weak. Glad to reup my calcium intake with these delicious and nutritious milk memes.

Check out the movement on the Steem blockchain where you can make connections and earn crypto for the normal things you already do on social media. There are always those people that try to milk the system hence MilkPosts.

Check me out on www.steemit.com/@anthonyadavisii and HMU if you have questions or need help. If you are already on Steem, use the tags milkntaters, milkntators, and or milkpost to participate. See ya!

P.S. Just realized I didn't try the audio so just cut it after the text roll. Thanks!