FlagTV LiveSteam: Exporting / Importing the SFR Database

Author: anthonyadavisii

Description: ### Stream Starts at 7:30 PM CST!

I'm going to ~~run~~ stumble through the procedure to export / import our Steem Flag / Downvote Database in order to prep for web app development. Figure the more I go through this process the more it will be muscle memory.

The biggest hurdle is appropriately formatting the database dump for MySQL. I may want to opt for another database but let's follow the KISS principle (Keep it Simple, Stupid!) for now. If you would like to support me, consider joining the Steem blockchain and joining us in our efforts against token manipulation.

We have a robust anti-abuse community which, in my likely biased (We all are anyway) opinion, is above any other blockchain. Having such a community facilitates a proper balance between freedom and fairness. Other blockchain based social media sites have adopted more stingent requirements for posting.

Take Trybe for instance. They require moderator approval to even post content last I participated in their network. In this case, freedom to post quickly was sacrificed to prevent abuse.

Others such as Publish0x require accounts to be approved whereas w/ Steem one can have an account created instantly for a nominal fee and cost to transact on the network.

Our vision is to continue decentralizing Steem content moderation across the globe. We have already established ties to users in various global communities and, as we expand, so will our coverage.

The end result will be more consistent coverage and less windows of opportunity for manipulators to support. I likened us to the Cerberus, the beast with many heads. If one head slumbers, there is another with an eye open. Watching and ready to act.

## We Are Moderation Decentralized

As always, I'm just gonna wing it during the stream. I'll be running my yap as usual. Making jokes. Shooting the shit. The usual.

Feel free to join our Discord and ask questions. We have quite an assortment of characters in our outfit and all are welcome... except incorrigible scammers. They can pound sand for all I care.