Exploring Hive: The BlockChain for Web 3.0 - Testing Login, Posting, Creating a Discounted Account

Author: anthonyadavisii

Description: ### Stream starts at 5:30 PM CST

Documenting getting set-up on HIVE as a somewhat technical user. HIVE is a hard fork of the Steem social media blockchain which was created in response to the essential transfer of power to Justin Sun of TRON through the under the table sale of Steemit Inc.

The events that followed took the community by storm but I cannot say that I did not foresee said outcome well in advance which you may note by my post series regarding "Hard Fork 23 Rising Sun" but I digress. I am playing things by ear and hope that I will be able to offer insight to others that know what I'm about as the founder of SteemFlagRewards and as an ardent community organizer against token manipulation.

Donning the facemask and using my viral background as I am feeling a bit ill but feeling a bit better after a good 16 hour sleep through a low grade fever. For the record, I don't think I have "the virus" but am keeping an eye on it...

Stream will start in about 20 minutes.


1. Login
2. Test Post
3. Create discounted account using SFR for project migration. (Just had a great idea for branding!)

This should cover one stream. I will be segmenting the stream to hopefully make them more useful to those watching. Kicking this one off in 20 minutes.