Tonys Texas Tales Ep 2: OBGYN On the Wrong Side of the LAW

Author: anthonyadavisii

Description: This is a real-life story my dad told me about the time he was running from the law with the intention of delivering the baby... no matter what!

Needless to say, it didn't go quite as planned but hell of a story none-the-less. It made the Baytown Sun headline as he was a high profile doctor at the time. Hoping to find a copy one of these days. Maybe one of you Internet sleuths could help us out. It would mean a LOT.

Also, wanna plug the non-copyright music used. If you like, hook em up with a sub. Thanks!

Tony's Texas Tales Ep 1: Fatzo High Speed Bike Chase!/v/anthonyadavisii/0vtfw2lzz2t

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I will work to annotate more of my dad's Texas Tales as life permits (This is only the tip of the iceberg. I guarantee it). He isn't in the best of health so my hope is he will be around to get the full account!

You're votes and engagement will energize this project so appreciate every little bit!🙏

P.S. Yes, I know I put on some weight. I call it the "dark winter" layer or possibly "communism prep". I've heard that this lil bit of flubber may prove useful as our world falls into MadMax levels of chaos. Who knows!

Disclaimer: Do not run from law. That is hella dangerous! 👌