Project CARS 2 hacked with CheatEngine 7.0 + sky mod

Author: aristak

Description: ¡Hello, D-Tube users!
Since so much time, the video of today is a new cheat table for Project CARS 2: Spirit Of LeMans ^_^

Car: Jaguar XJR-9
Track: Autodromo Nazionale Monza Oval Historic
Laps: 5

By one side, I'll explain how do some featured cheats work, & by the other one I'll explain how did I created the sky mod.

To introduce the cheat table for 1st. time, a screenshot is shown, so you can have an idea of how it is:


The featured cheats are the following:

I began the race at 11:00. So, when the race started before countdown, I turn the weather into night (put the value "155" in float to address pCARS2AVX.exe+26D1338 aka. "Sun angle º" in cheat table).
after that I activated the script "Force weather config" so I can modify all the cheats inside the cheatgroup. Then (look at cheat table image) I freezed the cheats shown there (look at the red crosses at lefmost part of cheats). & put the values shown in that image.
So, I began the race with the most accurate sky brightness & the other environment stuff explained above.

The sky mod is a screenshot taken from the space simulator SpaceEngine (a fictional nebula inside the galaxy NGC 4866), with a cylindrical distortion (centered in a star, so it matches with the sun in Project CARS 2). Then replaced the screenshot with 8192x4096 resolution in files "", "", "", "", "" & "" using the program PaintDotNet.

Those rare files I mentioned above are part of the exported files of a compressed one called "WEATHERTEXTURES.bff" (thanks to the user "Shiimis" of "" website to help me with his tool ^_^).
With the help of that tool, I used the Luigi Auriemma's Quick BMS tool to export all files of "WEATHERTEXTURES.bff" with the names used in the game process, & not with the internal names (I mean, the hexadecimal ones).
Therefore, two folders called "effects" & "tracks" are created (goto the "racedepartment" website mentioned before for more info).
For let the sky mod to work, I moved the file "WEATHERTEXTURES.bff" to another directory, so the game looks for the unpacked files mentioned before, once the compresed ".bff" isn't found.

Download link of cheat table (open with Cheat Engine):