Inertial Drift - The First 15 Minutes Of Gameplay

Author: bilofowe100

Description: The First 15 Minutes Of Inertial Drift! A 90s Retro/Synthwave racing game that features twin-stick drift controls and is now available on Steam! Featuring unique locations such as mountain roads and city tracks, cars with each having their own drift styles and of course, lots of drifting!
Played with keyboard.

Thanks to PQubeGames for a review copy of the game! You can try the Free Demo on Steam

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0:00 - Cinematic Intro
1:38 - Tutorial
3:25 - Story Mode Introduction
4:30 - Starter Cars
4:57 - Lakeside Loop Ghost Battle
7:50 - Lakeside Loop Race
11:18 - Cars Overview
12:05 - Snow Mountain Time Attack Challenge
14:57 - City Skylink Ghost Battle

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