Another awesome day at ...... home :S

Author: bitrocker2020

Description: What a day ... and its not ended yet ! Before anything ... I would like to wish all my muslim friends and their families

### Selamat Berpuasa

Its the fasting month and this year there are no ramadhan bazaar .... I think its the first time ever that there was a scenario like this. Trying to figure out where they have setup shop online.

Anyway .. also had a great time with Bitcoin Malaysia community and I had the chance to explain about HIVE & its Steem relation ( a bit ) ... and also inviting the community members to join in and start creating content.

Also introduced a few dapps which are currently available to use to post. One of the first ones was @esteem and also PeakD.

Was surely a fun session and I think about more then 20 people viewed it. Cheers @bitcoinmalaysia for getting it organized.