Hey hey ... APPICs got some delegation

Author: bitrocker2020

Description: Another day and even though in Malaysia it looks like the curve is flattening, I wouild guess that its going to still be a while before we get to go out as normal.

Now ... its never a dull day in the blockchain space. I just realized today that Appics received a delegation of 1 million Steem Power from Steemit account. When I first heard about Appics during Steemfest 2, I thought it was a cool app however we had Steepshot then and there was a lot of uncertainties then.

Fast forward to now, Appics is still around however Steepshot is no longer active sadly. And the team at Appics has been running a lot of stuff on their own and has still stuck with the community regardless what has been happening.

So now with the delegation of 1million sp to them, I hope that they would be able to grow as a company and get the masses to the blockchain. Of course it would be great if they also support posting to HIVE, however its really up to them as I do believe they have the potential to influence more people (outside of the STEEM/HIVE ecosystem) to come into the blockchain space But only time will tell.

Also do checkout the appics team's letter to the community.
#### https://steemit.com/appics/@appics/open-letter-from-appics-to-the-community

hoping that they would be able to achieve what they have set out to do and make good use of the delegation.

Cheers Appics !