FInally my laptop is FIXED !!!!

Author: bitrocker2020

Description: Thank goodness for eCommerce and its really really quick delivery. A few days ago, I finally realized that my laptop keeps on crashing due to a problem with one of my RAM.

I bought it online from Lazada, the largest ecommerce store in Malaysia and lucky enough, all the parts came today !! Bought the RAMs and also tools to open up my laptop as it required a T5 screw driver.

Got it .. installed it .. tested it .. and w00t ! Done .. not only do I have a new RAM chip of 16GB ... but I found out that my laptop has 8GB x 2 instead of 1 X 16GB. So all I did was to futher test which RAM had the issue and replace that. Now I have 24GB RAMs instead of just 16GB.

Laptop runs smoothly now so far and no BSOD ( Blue Screen of Death ) errors so far. Hope no other problems comes up.

Cheers and have a great day