My Quarantine Challenges: What I must consistently do to survive after covid-19

Author: bitrocker2020

Description: For some of us, we would already have been in lockdown mode for a couple of weeks and for some even longer. During this period its great opportunity to do stuff which you have set aside for awhile now.

For me .. here are some of the things which I've done and still trying to fine tune over the past few weeks. If it wasn't for this lockdown period, I would not have managed to do these stuff as there are so many other life excuses which will push it back.

- Trade crypto more efficiently and try to gain at least 1% per day in gains.
- Learn how to code better, a more in depth look at phyton
- Learn to cook a wider range of food !!!!

Most of these are thanks to YouTube ... some people call it YT Academy. There are a lot of information out there, just need to pick the one which is easiest for you to understand and also be able to tell the shit and the genuine once.

So .. what about you ? What have you done during this phase of lockdown ? have a great day !