Author: blind-spot

Description: For the last 2 years I have been waiting to be a part of the fest. A unique chance to meet awesome creators, innovators, projects and investors.
It is an annual opportunity to learn more about the inner workings as well as expanding my own connections.

Last year I was very close to making it to Bangkok, but because of professional reasons I had to withdraw.

This year, however, is my time to be part of the fest. Hivefest5 2020 is going to be held online in virtual reality using altspace vr.

I am sure it will bring another element of excitement to the fest as well as gives us the opportunity to be part of the fest from all around the world.

No worries about visas, expenses, cutting off from work or whatsoever. Just plug in and...plug in!

Altspace VR is a virtual reality platform that will put us closest to being together IRL.
However, to really appreciate it you need a VR headset namely the oculus or vive.

I went out today hunting for a VR set in order to completely submerge myself in the experience.

here is how it went!

The fest was free entry until today, and from here on it costs like 50 hbd.
You can also donate and get some cool things in return.

More info here: https://hivefe.st/
altspace here: https://altvr.com/getaltspacevr/