COVID incharge doctor plans on resignation after getting humiliated.

Author: blind-spot

Description: In another case of people not respecting doctors, a congress MLA, a contractor and their entourage get caught on camera going "speaker mode" on the covid incharge doctor in India. Don't get me wrong, this is one of the calmest things I have seen in a long time. Usually, when it is in a subcontinental country setting, a doctor, a viral video - then I am usually expecting a few blows and maybe some blood from the doctor.
Most of the countries in the subcontinent have a recurring abuse against doctors kinda situation. With covid, it is bound to get worse. Long story short, critical condition covid patient is admitted, there are no beds in ICU, request to transfer patient to private hospital, patient dies, hell breaks loose on doctor, doctor is in tears and decides to resign.

Man it sucks to see this happen. An incharge with more than 1 years under his belt. He is not just a doctor, but a life savior with tons of experience. But it seems the public knows better and they have all rights to go ham on doctors. Anyways, doctor did all that he could, lost the patient, gang goes wild on him, plans on resigning, MLA apologizes and blames his nerves.

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