Author: blind-spot

Description: The leak is confirmed! Earlier this year, a famous leaker from the Brazillian server spilled the beans about a "stitching styled-champion". Unlike most leaks, this leaker has a strong reputation since she has been right for over 5 times, consecutively.

Although there wasn't any information about the champion, it was very hyped. Is the new champ a tank? Jungler? Bruiser? Assassin? Support? Cancer? Balanced? No CLUE!

League of Legends finally released the champion teaser and it is up to par. The teasers and animations are absolutely wonderful. There also seems to be a lot about her lore in the releases and makes GWEN very mysterious.
A few things to note is that she is somehow related to Viego, and it might have been Viego's wife who created GWEN. It is possible that one of the souls under Viego's captivity has gone into GWEN to avenge her creator or whatever.

Still, the champion is absolutely broken. The ability leaks do not have any numbers but gives us a good idea on how broken GWEN will be.
On hit magic damage based on health, true damage, a dash, cc-dodge and so much more.

It seems like she is a real nightmare. I hope the numbers are a bit spread out. She seems perfect for a bruiser but her kit is very heavy. If her numbers aren't spread out then she will be the most broken champion in the game with the highest ban rate and will surely fall into a "kassadin" where she'll get nerfed to the ground consistently until she has the lowest pick rate.

What do you think of the champ?