Author: blind-spot

Description: Come day or night. When the sky fills up with deceiving clouds with heinous intentions and the enemies armor up, you must be prepared.
When there is nothing to fight the wrath of nature with, except nature, you will watch this video.
You will soon find nothing around you, but soft and unreliable snow.
Unless, you have learnt to make it your ultimate companion.

In this video I'll take you through the journey of mastering the art of making snowballs.

You will never be left with your guard down. Man, woman, child or a zombie. Like sub-zero you will smash em with the ultimate snowball.

Do not fear, Blind is here.

PS. do not use my teachings upon me. If you dare throw snowballs at me after learning from my video....I'll have icicles shower down on you.

Be warned. Stay home. Stay safe. Blind is out there.