Author: blind-spot

Description: YIKES! Didn't realize the video was 13 minutes long.
The TLDR is in the first few seconds and pretty much an idea about how content creators can be strapped down by "contracts" and nothing more as well as an attachment/continuation to the comment section of [this post](https://peakd.com/anti-abuse/@arcange/dualpost-blacklist-identifying-steem-milkers-on-hive).

Obviously I was against the entire idea, like may others. Calling users "MILKERS" immediately made me realize this wasn't a post that should have been posted without more thought put into it.

The comments raised more than fair ideas as to why this was a bad idea... especially suggesting that there could be "downvotes...possibly".

Some other comments have been throwing shade at how HIVE and few HIVERS are the bad actors in disguise and I think I read a comment where the user claimed that "punishing" is already in action.

I want to shoutout @Marianne West for being really vocal and approaching arc with the right questions and directing arc's thoughts where it should have been.

Arc has since posted an apology. You can see it [here ](https://peakd.com/apologize/@arcange/sometimes-you-have-to-know-when-to-apologize) and has stepped away from some of his primary ideas.

Still, what bothers me is that because of Arc's rep and position this will already start rolling the ball. We might see it get into action and see people getting "punished" for something very normal.

What are your thoughts on this?