#dtubesnap - onboarding, marketing and some more issues

Author: blind-spot

Description: I made this #dtubesnap on my way home back from the hospital. Whatever it is, dtube is on my mind. I got lucky that I have someone I can annoy with my dtube thoughts. It does bring up a lot of interesting thought-roadblocks.
In this video I talk about how I came across the onboarding train of thought, my onboarding plans and the hiccups it has, the target audience of onboarding - investors and creators. The medium - and the hiccups of the medium. Also, I go through a little bit of the controlling the content and the face of dtube as we onboard.

I also spoke about something similar later today on the onelovedtube show hosted by @d00k13
It was a good show and we discussed many things

oh you missed it? Better join us next time!