#dtubesnap || I gotta diversify my content

Author: blind-spot

Description: A few days back, @tibfox, dtube's node leader had made an amazing video. I deemed it as one of the most important video on the platform as of now.
It got me into reflecting on the video to come up with ideas and find creators who could take dtube's content to the next level.
As of now, dtube is pretty monotonous and not very diverse. Although, we have a lot of amazing creators making many types of videos, we are still lacking a lot of the popular style videos which could bring in traffic.
At the moment, I am working with a few creators who make gaming videos to help them make their videos more attractive.
Anyways, here is tibfox's video: https://d.tube/#!/v/tibfox/6ib2e0c7f4k
I made my #dtubesnap on the day after, but uploading it today. Oops, I guess.