Col. Fletcher Prouty discusses the Gary Powers U2 flight which Thwarted Eisenhower and Krushchev's Crusade for Peace

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Date: 2017-11-28

Description: November 28, 2017

Colonol Fletcher Prouty (USAF-Ret) discusses the Gary Powers U2 flight and the ramifications to Eisenhower's "Crusade For Peace". The details in getting downed pilot Allen Pope back as well Prouty and the Air Forces' professional support of the CIA's U2, a well run program, are outlined in this video. Allen Dulles was the Director of the CIA at the time of this U2 flight.

Francis Gary Powers embarked on his famous flight from Peshawar, Pakistan, with support from the U.S. Air Station at Badaber (Peshawar Air Station).

Powers' plane had a different camera, not the one with the most secret technology. "Allen Dulles told the Fulbright Committee, they couldn't have reached it, it came down, then they (the Russians) got it." (Special fuel, JP fuel and hydrogen, the tank only had half enough, it came down half way in the flight). Dulles' testimony is in the US Congressional record.

The U2 people were the most surprised that the plane was up there. Another office is always used to provide cover and deception when CIA operations take place. The DĂ©tente between Khrushchev and Eisenhower was thwarted. It was supposed to be a NASA atmospheric research airplane. The order for "no overflights" was nonexclusive, then this flight took off, and Allen Dulles was uncertain about the facts. Procedure for assigning a pilot to a certain plane for a certain flight, is to have nothing in the pilot's pockets. The is an upper-cabal above the Central Intelligence Agency. Keep in mind, agencies work for someone else.

The planned summit meeting between Eisenhower and Krushchev was canceled. It had been scheduled for May 10th 1960 in Paris. "Eisenhower had canceled all overflights, and Eisenhower certainly did not approve that flight, we had a cover story." At first Khrushchev withheld the fact that the pilot was alive, and that fact embarrassed Eisenhower.

"They were hiding that somebody else sent the plane out." "The special camera was removed and they put a regular camera in it, they knew it was going to go down." Colonel Prouty wouldn't divulge the names of the four men who sent the U2 plane up. "They were employees, somebody told them."

"Even the pilots didn't know that hydrogen was used in the fuel, they learned that later." "Why isn't this out in the public?" "The doors to the Government Printing Office are not locked, and newspapers won't print it." "Allen Pope was shot down, he had identification that he shouldn't have had on the flight."

"It was a clandestine flight, it was exposed, the operation was being supported by the United States, and that was his role." "In 1962 Robert Kennedy helped release Pope." "President Kennedy sent him to Indonesia to negotiate." " In each case when they went down it completely embarrassed the operation, somebody wanted Pope to go down to thwart the peace process and end the Cold War."

"Certain people fixed the plane so that it would come down." " If the engine goes out there isn't enough oxygen to restart." "If the bottle ran out of hydrogen, he couldn't restart, he was surrounded by MIGs, he glided down and landed in a field." "People have to make an effort to unlearn the story they've been told It was in Khrushchev's interest to say they shot it down."

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