Author: buttcoins

Description: At the end of July 2020, Hostel Del Lago closed its doors. This video is a glimpse into the day of and morning after the last day of operation. Del Lago had lasted 10 years on this last day of service... change was in the air.... or was it Covid particles😳🤣🧐 lol, either way modification was wofting.
We were in the middle of country wide lockdowns, in the small town of San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala. Close proximity and events were shunned, Yet the die hard expats came out for a last quietish hoorah! A sunny day of chill and libations.
It has been an honor to host all the Del Lago celebrations! Thanks and appreciation to all the good people who chose to pass through Del Lago, this day or any day! Del Lago would be nothing without all of you!! May love, luck and ability bless you all!!!
Now it is time for cocoons and transformations.