The Legacy Media That Told Us To Stay Home While Losing Our Jobs Says Government Must Protect Theirs

Author: c-libertarian

Description: You have got to love the irony that the same Legacy Media who think they are an elite class are now in the same boat as the rest of us unwashed masses due to the pandemic. The schadenfreude of it all is beyond what anyone could hope for.

After telling all of us we must stay locked up in our homes for months, even a year or more, and accept losing our jobs in the name of fighting the virus and for public safety, the Legacy Media is now forced to accept losing theirs as well. This has lead to their calling for the Federal Government to hand them a bunch of free grant money and bailouts because somehow they are still essential in the internet age. This is when any average person with a camera, computer, and internet connection can do their jobs today.

In this video we take a look at Brian Stelter telling all of us how we should feel bad for and support journalists in the Legacy Media being protected from losing their jobs after informing us we should be perfectly fine with losing our own.

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