Tim Pool: The True Character of a Man. (Tim’s Theft of Subverse From His Own Brother)

Author: c-libertarian

Description: I haven’t done one of these types of scripted videos in quite some time now. With this situation though it was definitely called for. Milquetoast, innocent looking, nice, wholesome, moral, fence post sitting Tim Pool isn’t as innocent or moral as we have been lead to believe. He is actually a very scummy person who has no problem with stealing from and screwing over his own brother if there is money involved, especially if there is a lot of it.

His brother Chris created the news site Subverse.net. Tim saw the traffic it was generating and was impressed by it. So much so, he made a business proposition to Chris where he leveraged his connections with venture capital people for a piece of the company. He then used this foot in the door to gain more and more control over it and it’s assets and eventually transferred them all to an LLC in another state he created with a similar name.

Once he raided Subverse’s legitimate LLC of everything it was worth he informed his brother he was no longer one of the owners but was nice enough to offer him a job working for him in the company he stole from Chris.

This is criminal. It is a major scandal. Yet, no one is really covering it or bringing much attention to it. This has lead me to trying to bring what attention I can to it. Because it deserves to have as much as possible on it.

Chris Pool on the KillStream:

The Quartering’s video white knighting for Tim Pool

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