Democrats: Listen to the Health Experts Who Tell You to Do What We Want You to Do

Author: c-libertarian

Description: The Democrats are telling people to listen to the experts with the current pandemic. The problem is, they only mean the experts that are telling us to do what they want us to do, and they want us to do it blindly without questioning anything. That should raise massive red flags too considering those experts have contradicted themselves over and over since the beginning.

Fauci for example, he has flipped flopped on masks and lied under oath in front of Congress to cover his ass when confronted with that. He has also come out recently and stated New York did things right when they sent the infected into nursing homes and killed thousands of the elderly and tried to blame President Trump for their deaths.

The supposed experts of the WHO, the same organization Silicon Valley claims is an authoritative source, they have been lying since day one to cover for China and the CCP. They ignored warnings from Taiwan and told the world there was nothing to see there and to ignore the alarms set off by Taiwanese experts.

Yet, with all of this, we are supposed to be listening to their experts while others who’ve looked at the data and effects of the virus are offering professional opinions that counter theirs and are being censored for it.

In this video we take a look at the push from Democrats for us to listen to the experts who agree with them and claim they want the country shut down in the name of public health even though they have been caught lying since day one and cannot be trusted.

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