Oliver Darcy and CNN Blame Fox News for Americans Standing Up to Pandemic Authoritarianism

Author: c-libertarian

Description: Americans are getting fed up with the fear mongering centered around the current pandemic being perpetrated by the Legacy Media, Democrats, and Deep State. They are done with the authoritarianism of state governments that has become the product of it all. They are no longer bowing down and doing what they are told. The threats of arrest being made against them for non compliance are falling on deaf ears. What power over us the three of them quickly gained by exploiting the situation is being lost just as fast and they cannot have that happen.

The current pandemic was an opportunity for them to exploit to try to get rid of Donald Trump and it isn’t working out for them. They had hoped to manipulate the situation to that end. They want the current pandemic to destroy the economy so they can lay it squarely at the feet of the President. They want this to happen so more Americans become dependent on the Government and willing to give up even more of their freedoms like they did in a post September 11th world. But this isn’t working out for them. Americans are not falling in line.

This has lead to their trying to silence anyone who does not push the pandemic fear porn. People like Oliver Darcy, being the good lapdogs they are, are the ones who are attempting to make this happen. Which has lead to his trying to blame Fox News for Americans not licking the boots of those claiming the sky is falling while doing what they are told by them.

In this video we take a look at Darcy’s attempt to push the narrative that people not complying to his ilk is the fault of Fox News.

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