Daily Beast Attacked Laura Ingraham Over Mask Stance Using Seth Meyers and Salacious Allegations

Author: c-libertarian

Description: We have reached a point in our society where people who call themselves journalists and comedians on the Left think the rest of us are a special kind of stupid. Laura Ingraham brought up on her show how Rush Limbaugh pointed out that the Left in the Legacy Media has been pushing panic and fear non stop for weeks now with the pandemic. Now, with how the states are reopening and we are seeing the virus weakening they are losing their ability to do this. Which is why they have latched onto pushing the use of masks like they have because they are a constant reminder, psychological conditioning that when you see them has you thinking we’re not going back to normal and are not safe. This must have struck a nerve too. Because the response to it shows how the truth definitely can hurt.

In this video we take a look at Seth Meyers and the Daily Beast try to do damage control in response to what Limbaugh and Ingraham said about the Left in the Legacy Media pushing masks like they are.

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