Requiring Masks Constitutional Because of Progressive Era SCOTUS Ruling That Lead to Eugenics Laws

Author: c-libertarian

Description: Leave it to the Legacy Media and Left to fall back on an Early Progressive Era US Supreme Court ruling that opened the door for eugenics laws to be constitutional. Laws that were conveniently pushed for by the Progressive Left and were used to justify state sanctioned and perpetrated forced sterilization of those they deemed to be of low IQ, simple minded, mentally ill or retarded, or of bad genetic stock for for some otherr reason. These laws were also used to sterilize the children of those they deem to be unfit, even if they were perfectly normal themselves because they were deem genetically inferior because of one or both of their parents.

This all came about because of a man not wanting to be compelled to get a smallpox vaccination because of having a bad reaction as a child. He was given the option to get the vaccination free of charge or pay a $5 Dollar fine and not get it. He chose to not get it or pay the fine which lead to his imprisonment until he paid the fine. He fought his imprisonment all the way to the Supreme Court which basically did a Robert’s Obamacare mandate justification and looked at the fine as a tax and ruled Massachusetts could compel vaccination or fine someone for non compliance. That last part is something that is left out when looking at the law and allowed for it to be twisted as a matter of convenience too.

In this video we take a look at the Legacy Media hiding behind this Supreme Court ruling that lead to mass atrocities being committed in the name of Progressive ideology and beliefs.

Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute page on Henning Jacobson v Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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