USPS Finally Reviewing Its Package Delivery Fees for Amazon and Others Thanks to Pressure From Trump

Author: c-libertarian

Description: The Democrats and Legacy Media are upset that President Trump has been applying pressure to the United States Postal Service to get it to stop charging below market rates for shipping with companies like Amazon, UPS, Fed Ex, and others. For some reason they think it is acceptable that Amazon as a company worth billions still pays special pricing it received during the early days of e-commerce on the internet to help online companies compete with brick and mortar chains. But they also think it is acceptable that UPS and Fed Ex are charged rates so low that they are able to literally resell the post office shipping packages for them and make a profit from doing so as well.

In this video we take a look at the Legacy Media defending the USPS losing money so that these companies can keep exploiting it while taxpayers are forced to prop it up financially because the evil, orange, bad man has the postal service finally reviewing the fees it is charging them.

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