Sorry, But it is a Fact the Second Amendment Protects Individual Liberties

Author: c-libertarian

Description: Leave it to the Hill to publish an opinion piece claiming the Second Amendment does not protect our individual liberties where they condemn armed Americans defending businesses from being looted during these supposed peaceful protests. This is because those people armed protecting private property were supposedly intimidating and preventing the looters, oops, I mean protesters from exercising their First Amendment right of Free Speech. Don’t worry though, in this same opinion piece they also condemned actual peaceful protesters by going after those who were protesting the lockdowns and infringement on the Second Amendment Democrats had tried to enact using them. Hell, they even try to claim the Second Amendment is racist too.

In this video we take a look at the hypocrisy and double standards of this opinion piece the Hill has published and is hiding behind claiming it’s views does not represent those in it.

Leave it to them in the same

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