The Legacy Media is Desperate to Twist and Spin Rep Jim Jordan's Exposing Fauci's Hypocrisy

Author: c-libertarian

Description: During the House hearings on how the current pandemic has been handled Representative Jim Jordan exposed the hypocrisy of Dr Anthony Fauci as the leading expert who is recommending what measures should be taken in response to it. He is the one who recommend churches be shut down as one of the non essential “businesses” that would spread the virus because of people gathering in them. That is on him. He made that call. Yet, when it comes to his being asked by Jordan about the people the Legacy Media, Democrats, and Left are portraying as law abiding and peaceful protesters contributing to the spread he cannot say that they are because he doesn’t have any studies on it.

Because Jordan showed this hypocrisy of Fauci’s, the Legacy Media is trying to spin and twist it in different directions hoping to take attention away from it. In this video we take a look at Business Insider’s attempt at trying to accomplish this.

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