CNN's Chris Cillizza Claims Trump Letter to Schumer Childish for Stating Facts While Acting Like One

Author: c-libertarian

It appears the self-isolation has taken it’s toll on senior editor at CNN Chris Cillizza. Since he’s been staying in and working from home it is clear is faculties have been in sharp decline. This is while his Trump derangement syndrome has increased exponentially. So has his lack of maturity as well.

With his TDS flaring up like a bad case of herpes he thought it would be a good idea to accuse President Trump of acting childish in his letter to Senator Chuck Schumer. Trump’s media crime of immaturity, he dared to call SChumer out along with his fellow Democrats for their actions as of late. In the process, Cillizza showed he’s the one with maturity issues. Not to mention most likely suffering from a drug or alcohol problem as wel to top thngs offl.

In this video we take a look at an article Cillixxs wrote for CNN trying to portray Trump as childish for not just letting the Democrats’ lies and slander stand without responding to them.

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