Trump Deems Houses of Worship Essential, Calls for their Reopening, Leading to Legacy Media Attack

Author: c-libertarian

Description: The Left in the Legacy Media are upset that Trump has deemed houses of worship as essential and is calling for their reopening. This is because that side of the false paradigm has become anti-religion. Well, more precisely anti-Christianity and the pandemic has allowed for the Government to infringe on it. Which to them I am sure is a good thing.

Throw on top of this the Left in the Legacy Media and Democrats trying to exploit the fear that is the result of what is currently going on, milking it for all it is worth, and this move by Trump makes it much harder for their being able to do that. People will find peace from being able to practice their faith in churches and other places of worship and their fears will subside. The lack of a massive spike in cases with their doing this will also have the same effect on the non religious as well. They will see the narrative of millions will die on top of your grandma is just plain fear mongering.

In this video we take a look at CNN try to act like Trump doesn’t have the power to make sure Governors don’t infringe on religious freedom any longer with the pandemic.

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