Social Media Ad Apocalypse Transitioning from Leftist Activism to Corporatist Leftist Movement

Author: c-libertarian

Description: The dynamic of the latest social media ad apocalypse is transitioning from Leftist activism by Stop Hate for Profit which is run by the ADL, Color for Change, Commonsense Media, Free Press, NAACP, Mozilla, and others, to a Corporatist Leftist movement. One where they are now blackmailing social media companies to mass censor anything the Left deems as hate speech. Basically they want anything to the Right of Karl Marx to be removed from the internet. Until they put the measures in place necessary for this and actually start doing it the companies demanding it won’t spend one dime of advertising with them.

In this video we take a look at a new level of, “Get Woke. Go Broke”, on steroids, crack, and a hefty dose of meth.

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